South Ethiopia’s regional EPRDF ruler said to have demanded cadres to undergo self-criticism

7 Aug

The South Ethiopian regional EPRDF ruler has demanded that the rank-and-file Sidama EPRDF members should undergo  the Stalinist notion of political self -criticism for tolerating the Sidama people’s demand for regional self administration. Political self-criticism was widely practiced in the former communist dictatorships such as the USSR, China, and the former East Eurpean  socialist republics where the rank-and- file cadres had been punished for falling out of favour with the dictators.

The  “samokritika” in the USSR,  the “jiantao” in China and the “gille hiss” in Ethiopia have all one thing in common. To threaten the ordinary members  of political parties to either abandon their dissent or ensure that the dissent of their constituency have been covered up and silenced.   

News from the meetings  chaired by the regional and zonal rulers higlight that a sizable number of the Sidama EPRDF members have emphatically rejected the notion of political correctness stating that the Sidama regional demand is based on the rights of nations and nationalities stated  in the very constutition drafted and enacted by EPRDF itself.  They courageoulsy asserted that they would rather lose their jobs than betray the Sidama  people (their constituency)  and their demand for regional self administration.

Demanding the rank-and-file members to self-criticise  for not inteferring in a legal and peaceful demand of the fundamental rights of a nation is intolerable.  It is intolerable for two reasons:

First, it presupposes that the majority of the Sidama people, our elders,  our university students, our mothers, our sisters and brothers who have stood in unison to voice their dissatisfaction with the current admininstrative arragement in the region, do not have any voice and do not matter as citiznes of the country. Instead of facing the people, the rulers are facing the handpicked party members some of whom have now joined the majority of the people in spearheading the legal demand for dismantling the illegal southern Ethiopian regional administration.    

 Second, the basic objective of the self -criticism manouver is aimed at trivializing and converting the legal demand into an illegal political revolt that should carry a warning “It should never have happened while we were around” and “It will never happen again” . It is aimed at intimidating the lower  echlon of the the EPRDF membership into giving in to an illegal pressure to betray the people. It’s  goal is to divide and weaken our legitimate demand.

However, dictatorship also has its bounds. It can intimidate, imprison and torture but it can not kill the human spirit. The human spirit defeated dictatorships throught out history; and in most recent past it forced many of them in the Arab world to succumb to popular demand with a lightining speed. 

Then why do our rulers not learn?

I have one explanation. My explanation was inspired by  yesterday’s successful landing of Curiousity Space craft on Mars by the American space scientists.  The gap between the brains of the people who made it possible for a robot to travel 8 months and over 500 million kilometres in the solar system to find and land on the surface of another planet, Mars and the chaps in Sidama who think that a world will come to an end if the Sidama people are granted regional self administration is equally 500 million kilometres apart. The EPRDF rulers who think that demading a regional self  administration, which is the most simple and basic demand of any group of people on this planet, is the most difficult political puzzle to unlock , have not yet completed their evolutionary process and should not be counted as true humans.  They just have  limbs to walk and receive bribes and eat, mouth to talk and private parts to procreate and die. That is their sole function on this planet. While other human beings explore life beyond planet earth, our sub-humans could not distinguish between right and wrong in their village.   

Ultimatley, however, whether  EPRDF rulers and their surrogates understand it or not, accept or reject it, the fundamental rights of any people will always remain their fundamental rights. And the will of the people will always reign sovereign!!

Never give up the fight for your right!!!!!


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