Duka’le Lamisso and Abuse of Civil Liberty in Sidama

23 Feb

 By Hawassa Teessonke

23 February 2013

In a land where state does not have any contractual obligation to protect residents from abuse of political power, civil liberty vanishes into thin air.  A local stooge of a rogue political establishment can torture, imprison, kill and maim civilians under his jurisdiction who he perceives to be disobedient to his instructions with impunity when and where he wishes.  The continued persecution, bogus criminal charges and sentencing of the Sidama civil rights icon, Duka’le Lamisso bears testimony to this sad state affairs.

The common adage: “Power corrupts; but absolute power corrupts absolutely” could not be truer in today’s Sidama and an amalgam of 56 nations in Southern Ethiopia. The people are forced to live in dark ages. Any new idea is regarded as a threat to the political establishment. Effective economic development interventions in Sidama which were established 19 years ago were dismantled 11 years ago because they were considered to be threat to the political establishment. Sidama’s quest for economic development, and poverty alleviation was dashed to ensure political equilibrium in the South.  We were told that Sidama’s faster economic advances could destabilize the region and should be slowed down. Slowed down they did. In effect we were told that we could develop only as far as the political establishment would want us to reach. We were powerless the more so because our own Sidama stooges were the main singers of the demonic poems. That was when I reminded myself that the worst enemy of the oppressed people remains to be the oppressed people themselves. We gave up. But we never despaired. Our spirit remained and remains unshakable today and forever. We have seen the results of the political actions today 11 years on: abject poverty, famine, hunger, unemployment, disease and you name it.  

But my ingenious fellow countrymen never gave up. They unequivocally told the political establishment and the Sidama stooges that enough was enough. They knew the devil causing them ills-lack of political power; lack of power to decide on their own affairs- regional self-determination, for which their forefathers sacrificed their precious lives during the past 50 years.  Once again the shameless Sidama stooges stood in unison denouncing their own mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, uncles, and aunts, that they should obey the political establishment and die in hunger, famine, poverty and misery.  Lest rot in jail. Duka’le Lamisso questioned the sincerity of the verdict, but never confronted the political establishment.

He said: “Respect to civil liberty is as old as human history; in 24th century BCE the Sumerians enacted laws protecting civil liberties of orphans and widows and created checks and balances to prevent abuses of power”. On he lamented: “The 13th century English Magna Carta Libertatum was promulgated to protect civil liberties of the English people 700 years ago.”  What does the reader of this brief article say about an absolute lack of respect to civil liberty in the 21st century Ethiopia, Sidama?

Duka’le Lamisso is an icon of the struggle to preserve an institution 4400 years old-civil liberty in Sidama. He is not a criminal. The criminals are the Sidama political stooges and their Ethiopian mentors.

Release Duka’le Lamisso today!!!



4 Responses to “Duka’le Lamisso and Abuse of Civil Liberty in Sidama”

  1. D. February 25, 2013 at 12:34 am #

    Dear Hawassa Teessonke,

    You’ve said it rightly & correctly. Thank you so much for that. I will never be able to add any more points apart from a very few.

    I fully agree with your critical analysis and share your frustration that is caused due to continued sufferings of the Sidama nation due to lack of justice, fairness and opportunities in Sidamaland. In particular, I’m deeply concerned that the few renegades who are allowed to freely circulate in Sidamaland are preparing our land for irreparable damage. We don’t need to allow this to happen to our beloved Sidamaland. We all Sidamas apart from few renegades want to see it free from politico-economic and social domination, cultural subjugation and deliberate all round marginalisation. We would like to see a free Sidama land where the Sidcama people can make decisions about their own affairs, peacefully and fraternally co-exist with those who share these principles. All genuine minded sons and daughters of the Sidama nation don’t want to see the Sidamaland as it currently look like-the scenario where human deprivation, abject poverty and rampant human rights violations became its daily phenomenon.

    Regardless their reckless acts, the aforementioned Africa’s worst quislings and miscreants are allowed to freely circulate in Sidamaland. The is my biggest concern. I strongly believe that the Sidama nation as a whole bears responsibility. The responsibility I’m referring is also could be discharged collectively. This could be simply achieved by categorically rejecting the said state sponsored criminals who are out there to do harm than doing single benefit to Sidama nation in unison. The Sidama nation can do this defying their illegal actions and weapons. Their arbitrary arrests and torture might be practised.

    Whether we like it or not, we are suffering already. We have got the land of our own; and equally we don’t have the land of our own where we can make genuine decisions on our own affairs. Our land has been taken away by those who are so called Sidama cadres from us to be given for others to benefit ‘812’ Sidama’s fake cadres and their federal mentors. Therefore, as the late 12th century Scot (William Wallace) said, we’d better die fighting for our freedom than dying in our beds in silence. Additionally, USA’s civil rights leader ‘Martin Luther King Jr ‘ describes, keeping silent whilst some thing that is so important to others being undermined is equivalent to death’. Nelson Mandela share this principles whne he raised his banner to free SA fro barbaric Apartheid rules.

    This is why our hero, a peaceful resistance movement Icon ‘Duka’le Lamiso’ demanded these very rights and latter incarcerated by criminal regime that obliviously violates its very constitution. Mr Lamiso’s demand is also compatible with a constitutional rights (the rights granted to 184,340 populated Harrari’ Adere peoples) in a civilised and peaceful manner. Contrary to his civilised, peaceful and genuine demand, the disciples of darkness (the current Ethiopian regime and its cadres) reacted in a diabolical manner to throw him into a highly crowded and extremely unhygienic jails where he is currently languishing.

    I can’t and never be able to understand the reasons for the silence of Sidama people at this historical juncture in the history of the nation. I think we must think twice and say what is the best for the interests of our nation. We must move heroically and tell criminals enough is enough!! We must distinguish friends from foes. This is simply because our enemies are those fake Sidama cadres all of whom are trading by our names. They are there in Sidama soils in front of our people. They are walking around day and night doing their evil jobs against the Sidam nation. Why are we allowing them to peacefully circulate?

    I am not inciting violence!! Let’s be crystal clear!! We can ostracise and fully reject them!! We can stop burying their dead and sharing their sorrow and happiness. We can peacefully top paying tax…. and so on and so forth!!

    The Sidama nation has got a peaceful and non-violent weapon to kneel these all pariahs down if the Sidama nation reject them in unison!! I concede that there is a lack of coordination, however. Besides, I equally and strongly feel that the Sidama nation’s noble culture that is based on egalitarian view of world whose moral code is ‘Halaale’ I believe is still intact to give the Sidama nation moral compass as to how and why they must reject unjust systems imposed on them despite all odds. This could be consolidated by the strong view that the Sidama nation never tolerate the continued abuses by their own sons and daughters, on whom the nation placed its trusts.

    Therefore, the Sidama truely genunie elders (those who are not purchased by criminal Shiferaw to bow for criminal PM H/Mariam Desalegne who ordered the massacre of the Sidama civilains on May 24, 2002) can give moral direction for today’s Sidama generation from where the Sidamas can learn how the Sidama nation has protected its land to inherit us today. The new generation in turn will have the obligation of articulating global order and its dynamism to devise strategy on how it works to make it compatible with Sidama nation’s ways of life and noble egalitarian view of world.

    Whether we’re within Sidamaland or in Disapora, we all Sidamas have got obligation to say the only truth on behalf of the Sidama nation and ensure that the Sidama nation assert its constitutional rights.

    Free Duka’le Lamisso, Sidama Prisoner of Conscious!!


  2. Selam February 27, 2013 at 11:03 am #

    Everyone from each corner of the city should struggle for the freedom of Hawassa. It is not a matter of only Sidama society. It is a matter of all nations living there. Because, we do not want to see while the Sidama society suffer within each 10 years! We have established life, we have got children, we have experienced the culture and norm of the beloved Sidama society! Please, weyane, do not disturb us…………….. We know that you are trying to disintegrate us. but we do not! We love Hawassa and the Sidama Society. We never allow the idea that you are trying to implement. We want to underline that, we are always to the side of the Sidama people, and want to inform all of you to be safe with our attitude for you!

  3. Bekele Biru May 3, 2013 at 11:01 am #

    sidaama hallonke qodhine sharrote ka’no annuwanke halaali halannonkena!!! moogiwello gattu labballo qaangonsa!!!!!!!!!

  4. sodo August 6, 2013 at 4:25 pm #

    I was born & raised in sidama, moved to addis where my parents are from. however I grow up witnessing their pain suffer, they got treated as second citizen. love, respect, peace & victory for the most incredible sidama brothers & sisters, from Canada.

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