The Audacity of Guile

28 Apr

By Hawassa Teessonke

28 April 2013

The recent rapid advances in ICT have empowered human spirit like never before in human history. Social media has galvanized social activism like a wildfire from one corner to another within or outside of territories.  The Arab spring that led to sweeping political changes in three North African countries in matter of months would not have been possible without social media. Some social networking platforms have also become online markets for goods and services advancing easy access to human material needs.     

Nevertheless, communication technology can also be abused and misused if it does not fall into the right hand. More often than not social media is used by criminals who lure their victims by disguising their true being behind electronic platforms and spitting honey while producing venom. The weak and the vulnerable in particular women and children have become frequent victims of the abuse of the technology.

In less fortunate societies where freedom of expression are curtailed by draconian government regulations, individuals that opt to  express their opinions using the social forum  have been hunted down by the same technology invented to advance human interaction. FinFisher’s surveillance software which is used by repressive regimes to hunt down opposition political party members is typical case in point. FinFisher is a line of remote intrusion and surveillance software developed by Munich-based Gamma International GmbH in Germany. How many of you know how the Ethiopian government uses FinFisher to hunt down members of certain opposition groups. Nevertheless, Ethiopia is not the only country that abuses advances in ICT to squash freedom of expression and divergent political views. It is used in a number of other countries with questionable human rights records to target human rights activists and opposition campaigners. Vietnam and Bahrain are cited among 24 other countries where the Fin spy server has been routed.  

These are typical sophisticated abuses of fascinating human innovations meant to advance human interaction, skills development, human freedom and economic prosperity to advance their selfish and narrow interests.  

Electronic social platforms could also be misused by ordinary marginal users through innuendos about individuals posted on their mini discussion group forums. My advice to such guile acts is that they should unequivocally stop posting hodgepodges against individuals. To err is human. But to try to defend malicious acts with perjury would be unforgivable and does not serve any purpose.

We are not short of outright sellouts that we need to tackle on daily basis. We have no time to spare to appease guile by unbalanced beings every single day. For the good of our society, let us all grow up and be men enough to admit mistakes and ask for forgiveness when mistakes do occur.  This is expected from any Sidama older than 18 years. Any Sidama older than 18 years is a man, whose voice we dearly need to advance our cause for freedom and justice.  Let us grow up.

As to debates about who can write; please, we have not reached that level at this stage. I laughed about it for hours when I heard about we can write story, although I did have time and the gut to peruse through it.

Let me conclude about debate about writing by quoting the most powerful philosophical responses to the most controversial philosophical propositions by one of the two most respected philosophers human kind have ever witnessed: In 1846 the famous French socialist politician, philosopher, and economist, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon wrote a book on ‘‘The Philosophy of Poverty”. The following year Karl Mark, a German revolutionary socialist, one of the founders of social sciences and a famous economist, responded by publishing: “The Poverty of Philosophy”. I urge you all to read both books. Ideas thrive when they are framed through a hypothesis; not via innuendos.


3 Responses to “The Audacity of Guile”


    siddamu daaga jaawata manati sidamu daaga Qooqowo Hooga agurena umose mitte gooba ikka daniditino daagati ikolana sidamu daaga Qoososse agaarantukini Loowo yaana kaadanite keeshshitino daffira Xaa sidamu daaga GOOBARA GAADE QAASAMATE WOY OLLAAMATE SIDE SIDE SIDE SIDE HOOGUMOHEWE HASHSHA BAARA QURITE MAAGANU SIDAMU DAAGA MAMAARO LA”ANO(TAATANO

    )Qeele sidamu dagaara Qelama Barigarinke shifarirana Wole dagaara

  2. Sidamu daaga Itiyophiu gooba gido heera maayi sooro abitino Noketi daganike tallo reyitena gatino dagaara Baara fushshino sidamu waaje gaalino mayira waajinemo haan’e gaanide Qaasamo sidaamu wooribaho (Baaredaho) Baaredu laanidi(Goonifi)


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